Blackbox Theatre

For questions regarding reserving the Black Box Theatre, please email [email protected]

The Blackbox Theatre is a 1,600 square foot blackbox-style theater located on the B2 level of West Hall on Mount Vernon Campus.

It’s the home of GW's student theatre program and a preferred location for concerts, presentations, and other events. The space is extremely versatile and can accommodate many needs. The theatre offers:

  • 1,600 square feet of hardwood floors to accommodate any set up desired
  • Seating for up to 150 patrons
  • Technical staffing for events
  • 20 Source-4 Par lighting fixtures and 36 Source-4 Jr. ellipsoidal fixtures
  • Full sound and video system including laptop connection, CD/DVD players, 6 wireless handheld microphones and 4 wireless headset microphones
  • Full ADA accessibility
  • Backstage green room with audio monitors and a soundproof technical control booth
  • Floor to ceiling curtain legs (black)
  • Theater-width backdrop/projection screen (white)

The theatre does not have a fly system, but does have a suspended grid. You are welcome to bring in your own set, but it must be approved by technical staff and you cannot hang anything on the walls.

Projection & Lighting

The theatre is equipped with a white backdrop suited for use as a projection screen. Please request use of the screen when you book your event to ensure adequate set-up time.

A general lighting wash is provided with the option to include 100% wash, 50% wash, 25% wash, overhead house lights only, or full blackout. If you need other lighting designs, please request them when you book your event.

Backstage Amenities

There is a green room backstage with two stage entrances just off of the theater. It contains two large countertops with mirrors, as well as a sink. Monitors provide an audio feed from the theatre. The green room also provides a route to the restrooms and water fountains without passing through the theatre.

Seating Capacity

The maximum seating capacity for the theatre is 150 chairs. The standard arrangement includes three rows of stadium-style seating in a curved formation.

As a blackbox-style theatre, there is not a dedicated stage, which means the addition of more chairs will reduce the available space for a performance or presentation. Up to two rows of chairs can be placed on risers to create a stadium-seating feel.