Sustainability Living and Learning Community

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Are you ardent about the environment?

Committed to a green economy?

Savvy about social equity?

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The Sustainability living and learning community on Mount Vernon campus brings together first-year students and faculty who are passionate about conserving and wisely utilizing the earth’s resources. Students will live together in a close-knit community of peers who are similarly passionate about protecting ecological health—now and in the future. Together, they will explore major issues in sustainability in a special seminar in the fall semester. In spring, students may choose to pursue independent, faculty-directed research on a sustainability-related topic. Throughout the year, students in the Sustainability living and learning community will have ample opportunity to draw upon the wide array of resources and opportunities around GW and in the greater Washington, DC region. This living and learning community is open to students of all majors and schools.
2019-2020 Sustainability Academic Courses

Rethinking Sustainability

Instructor: Dr. Adam Liebman
This course will challenge students to rethink the assumptions underlying sustainability goals and projects while fostering a deeper appreciation for our everyday embeddedness in environmental processes. Course materials will be drawn from the environmental humanities and humanistic social sciences and will also include speculative fiction. A course project will involve research that "implodes" common objects to reveal unexpected ways that the world is interconnected and examine why these interconnections can be of crucial political importance.
Adam Liebman has a PhD in sociocultural anthropology from UC Davis and has been a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University's Center for East Asian Studies. His research is focused on waste politics and environmental activism in the context of China, where he previously lived and conducted research for over five years. He is currently working on a book manuscript titled Turning Trash into Treasure: Shadow Economies and Toxic Ecologies in Postsocialist China. As a former junk artist, punk rock drummer, and science fair champion, Adam enjoys exploring creative, multimedia, and interdisciplinary approaches to research and teaching.

About Living and Learning Communities on Mount Vernon Campus

The Mount Vernon Campus is home to a growing number of innovative living and learning communities for students who want to combine a small-college experience with the resources and opportunities available at a major university. Programs at Mount Vernon provide guided academic opportunities for students who want to collaborate with other students, faculty, and post-doctoral fellows on a variety of exciting cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes and projects, and who eventually want to chart their own path with individual research projects and other challenges. Mount Vernon also provides special programs for residents, from cultural events to special excursions around the greater Washington metro area.