Signature Events

Signature Events

The Mount Vernon Campus offers unique and exciting signature events throughout the academic year. These events are offered exclusively at the Mount Vernon Campus, but are open to all students.

2017-2018 Mount Vernon Campus Events Calendar

Date Signature Event
Tuesday, August 29 S'mores with Eckles
Sunday, September 3

Mount Vernon Campus Bazaar (part of Welcome Week)

Sunday, September 17 Eckles Library 30th Birthday Celebration
Every Sunday in October Mount Vernon French Film Festival
Friday, October 13 – Sunday, October 15 3-Day Startup Workshops
Sunday, October 21 Vern Harvest (part of Colonials Weekend)
Sunday, October 22 Eckles Prize Reception
Thursday, October 26 Cookout for Campus Safety
Saturday, November 4 Mount Vernon to Mount Vernon Bike Tour
Wednesday, November 8 Mount Vernon Trivia Night
Friday, December 1 – Sunday, December 3  Glen Echo Pottery Fair
Friday, March 2 2018 Women's Leadership Conference
Saturday, April 14 Fountain Day