French Film Festival

The French Film Festival

The French Film Festival is held every Sunday afternoon throughout the month of October in Eckles Auditorium. Entrance to the festival's films is free and snacks are provided at every showing. In past years, the festival has included such films as:

“L’Ombre des Femmes” follows a poor couple, Pierre and Manon, as they take odd jobs to support themselves while working on a documentary on the French Resistance. Their marriage starts to crumble when Pierre begins an affair with the young film archivist, Elisabeth. This 73-minute film in black and white provides moral commentary through contrast between the documentary footage and the filmmakers’ romantic triangle.


“Marguerite” follows a wealthy woman who has dedicated her life to singing opera. The only problem with her dream, that no one will dare tell her, is that she is a terrible singer. Based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, this film displays the tragedy of a woman living in an illusory world perpetuated by sycophants.


“Timbuktu” tells the story of a cattle herding family are living peacefully in sand dunes not far from the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu when a new Jihadist regime takes hold and changes their lives forever.


The French Film Festival will be held on the Mount Vernon Campus in Eckles Auditorium in October 2018. Additional details will be announced in the summer or fall.