French Film Festival

The French Film Festival

Every October, the Mount Vernon Campus hosts the French Film Festival each Sunday afternoon. Entrance to the festival's films is free and snacks are provided

2017 French Film Festival

Films begin promptly at 4:30pm

Doors open at 4:00pm


Eckles Auditorium
2100 Foxhall Road NW
Washington, DC 20007


October 1: L'Ombre des Femmes (In the Shadow of Women)

  • L’Ombre des Femmes follows a poor couple, Pierre and Manon, as they take odd jobs to support themselves while working on a documentary on the French Resistance. Their marriage starts to crumble when Pierre begins an affair with the young film archivist, Elisabeth. This 73-minute film in black and white provides moral commentary through contrast between the documentary footage and the filmmakers’ romantic triangle. Click here to learn more about the film!

October 8: Elle

  • Elle recounts the tale of a well-off Parisian woman with a dark past. The film explores the ways in which experience shapes personality, while contributing to the discussion of sexual assault and trauma. Ultimately, it offers a view of human complexity as it evolves. Click here to learn more about the film!

October 15: La Noire de... (Black Girl)

  • La Noire de… was the first feature film produced in Sub-Saharan Africa, following Diouana, an illiterate nursemaid from Dakar. She dreams of a French experience, following her employers to the Côte d’Azur, but soon finds herself enslaved in every sense of the word. Short in running time but dense in content, this film exposes a voice on anti-colonialism, social outrage, and insightful subversion. Click here to learn more about the film!

October 22: 3 Coeurs (3 Hearts)

  • 3 Coeurs synthesizes elements from Hollywood’s classic 1950s romances through this tale of chance encounters. The film follows Marc, a Parisian man who experiences love, promise, and ultimate misfortune before falling in love a second time, placing him in a most complicated emotional triangle. The story unfolds with passion, secrets, and betrayal, as Marc struggles to find happiness. Click here to learn more about the film!

October 29: Saint Laurent

  • Saint Laurent details the life of legendary courturier Yves Saint Laurent with a unique lens, courtesy of the brilliance of filmmaker Bertrand Bonello. The film follows Saint Laurent from the most prominent years of his career, capturing not only the wonder and genius of his work but also the toll that it exacted on the psyche. Click here to learn more about the film!

November 5: Marguerite

  • Marguerite follows a wealthy woman who has dedicated her life to singing opera. The only problem with her dream, that no one will dare tell her, is that she is a terrible singer. Based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, this film displays the tragedy of a woman living in an illusory world perpetuated by sycophants. Click here to learn more about the film!