Employment Opportunities

Interested in working on the Mount Vernon Campus? Interested in gaining valuable professional experience in an on-campus environment? We have multiple part-time Federal Work Study positions at the Mount Vernon Campus.

Hiring for the 2018-2019 academic year has concluded. Please check this page again for available positions in the Spring.

Lead Campus Assistant

We are looking for students who have the following qualities: strong critical thinking skills, developed sense of ethical decision-making, passionate desire to learn and grow as student leaders, familiarity with the Mount Vernon Campus, ability to take initiative by working proactively and independently during shifts.


  • Provide leadership and guidance to Campus Assistants through supervision during shifts.
  • Develop Campus Assistants through regular training and mentorship in areas of customer service, event management, office management, campus operations, digital communication, and marketing.
  • Team with full-time and graduate staff to conduct regular 1:1 meetings with select number of Campus Assistants to support their personal and professional wellness and growth.

Campus Operations

  • Responsible for operations of the Mount Vernon Campus during shifts through proactive problem-solving, excellent decision-making, and thorough communication.
  • Identify and resolve facilities issues through regular campus checks and interactions with campus partners.


  • Oversee procedures for event planning and processing during shifts.
  • Interact and create relationships with event clients before, during, and after events in campus spaces.
  • Ensure excellent campus event management through timely customer service.


  • Execute campus communications strategy by working with full-time and graduate staff, as well as Campus Assistants, to plan, create, schedule, and publish content via campus platforms.


  • Set up required audiovisual equipment for campus and client events.
  • Troubleshoot technology issues in classroom and event spaces, escalating issues to appropriate staff and offices as necessary.

Campus Assistant

We are looking for students who have the following qualities: excellent communication and administrative skills; ability to learn how to use different computer softwares/programs; reliable and highly motivated; able to work independently and in a team; and customer service oriented.

Campus Operations

  • Staff campus administrative office, phone, and email to provide excellent customer service and support to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors on campus.


  • Processing event requests and scheduling through campus event management system.
  • Coordinate communication with clients throughout event planning process.
  • Assist with planning and logistics of large campus events.


  • Maintaining Mount Vernon Campus social media presence by creating and posting content as well as engaging with other social media users/accounts.
  • Designing graphics for campus-relevant content.
  • Assisting with content planning, creation, and publishing of Mount Vernon Campus newsletters.
  • Maintaining Mount Vernon Campus website.
  • Helping with regular analysis of all campus communication platforms (social media, email newsletters, and website).

Fitness Center

  • Maintain Mount Vernon Fitness Center, ensuring a clean, engaging space for the campus community.
  • Tracking equipment usage and supply inventory.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of cardio and strength equipment.

Recording Studio Engineer

We are looking for students who have the following qualities:​ time flexibility (sessions are booked on a rolling basis and can be at any time during normal operating hours);​ ​passionate about audio engineering;​ an ear for even the most minute detail in a recording studio,​ general knowledge of Pro Tools and an ability to learn and improve on skills in Pro Tools;​ ability to adapt to the equipment used at the MVC Recording Studio;​ creativity in suggestions to clients using the studio (clients often brainstorm in the studio and creative input can be a big help in having them come back; you’ll also receive more writing/production credits).

  • Executing instructions and details from artists, producers etc.
  • Setting up and testing sound equipment before sessions.
  • Recording, editing and mixing audio tracks (instruments, vocals etc.).
  • Enhancing sound quality and sound effects on recordings.

Lab Assistant

Students with an interest in biology from any undergraduate major may apply to:

  • Assist the lab supervisor to set-up and breakdown labs.
  • Communicate with faculty and lab supervisor to plan and successfully support labs.
  • Assist faculty and students during labs to provide equipment and supplies.
  • Attend lab safety training Follow proper hazardous material handling protocols.
  • Follow proper lab safety protocols.
  • Operate and maintain equipment.
  • Ensure adequate supplies are available.